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Member since: June 8, 2005
Last visit: December 2, 2007
Name: james
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Location: nottingham
Country: United Kingdom
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Fav. Song: Bebot
Fav. Video: My Humps
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mind control

category: Politics | June 28 | @586 | comments comments(0)

hi i'v just got back from "GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL" the best festival in the world! i saw 24 bands preform over 3 days not bad i say, i saw undertones, john butler trio, the thrills, the zutons, elvis costello, doves, the killers, the white stripes, hayseed dixie, goldie looking chain, kaiser chiefs, ash, the coral, keane, new order, coldplay, james blunt, jools holland, van morrison, brian wilson, garbage, primal scream, jem, and basement jaxx. its was fantastic the atmostphere was great, loved it people there was high on everything. lol but this festival is abit of a political festival, but it has made me think and realise a few things, theres alot of devestation around the world...


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Published on: 06/12/2005

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08/24/06 @561
hey wazzup??

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  United Kingdom

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just a little bit about me.

hey guys names Jay, born in the philippines, grew up in cubao quezon city, lived there till i was 5, then moved to england, nottingham, with my parents. now im 20, went to CTK for my secondary skool then did a course in fashion design in notts. i do snowboarding and free style motorcross, its an extram sport but i love extream! doing alrite i guess, not doing bad. i love going out with my mates just to chill, going to cinemas, theater, concerts "black eyed peas baby!" lol, and i love to travel, i just love seeing the different cultures and to learn about them to. love my music, my music taste is very much wide spread like utterlly from classic to reggae and rock to hip hop. love it all dude! lol. i also play for a band were called "the no namers" we play indie/ blues, and im also in another band called "the hotsteppers" we do dance mixtures...............................well i guess theres enough said about me so i better "shut up" now.

peace out

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